Earthquake Response Manual2019年9月29日

Hello! ! This is Bells Inn Maebashi.

Did you know that? September 1st is a disaster prevention day.
Along with this, earthquake training was also conducted at our hotel.
Japan is a country with many earthquakes. For guests coming from countries without earthquakes,You might be surprised,
Therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if it could help you even a little.

☆ If there is an earthquake …
● Shelves and things on the shelves will fall, so let’s wait for the shaking to settle.
Please hide under the desk.
● When suddenly shaken by a big shake, first of all, so that you can safely protect yourself
Let’s keep in mind
● Open the door and secure the entrance

〇 In the bathroom
● If you feel shaking, first open the door, secure an evacuation route and wait for the shaking to stop.
● Be careful not to get injured due to broken mirror or glass.

〇 On the high floor,
(This hotel is also 11 stories)
● The earthquake on the higher floors is slow at the beginning of shaking, and when it begins to shake, it shakes longer and the width of the shaking increases.
There is a trend. Please check the emergency exit.

〇 In the elevator
● In principle, all floors are pressed and the floor is the first stop.
It is important not to be panicked on the floor where you stopped, but also to identify the situation on the floor.
● Even if you are trapped in an elevator, you will be calm and calm, such as an “emergency call button”
Please try to get in touch.

☆ When shaking stops …
● Open a window or door to ensure an exit when a small shake or after the shake has subsided.
● If you act in a hurry, you may be injured by fallen furniture or broken glass fragments.
● Employees broadcast in the hall. Follow the instructions promptly.
Do not rush out of the door.


* Useful information
◎ Tips for calling 119
If the operator who receives the 119th report knows the outline of the disaster (fire or ambulance) and his / her address, he / she can dispatch the fire engine / ambulance before hearing the details. The point of the report is to tell the “address” first before the detailed story. By the way, the caller’s number can be checked for 119 call even if it is set to non notification.

I hope that you will be prepared with a strong feeling of self-help that protects your own life and self-help with the residents to cooperate in fire fighting and rescue.